Wind Your Own Coils
A Guide To Making Inductors by Jeff Mucha

Last updated: August 1, 2001

This is a guide to winding inductors for use in power supplies
Wind Your Own Coils:
It is possible to avoid having to buy the coils by instead winding your own coils. You can very eaisly get inductances that range from 1 uH to 50 uH with this very simple method and using an air core. Below you see examples with 18 gauge wire and 20 gauge wire. The 75 turns of 18 gauge wire make a 16 uH inductor. The 100 turns of 20 gauge wire makes a 35 uH inductor. The core is air, but is filled with hot melt glue which is about the same as air as far as the inductor is conserned.
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